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Jacking and Packing Services

Jacking and packing services in Melbourne

There is a lot more to our expert services than just the supply, installation, and repair of a diverse range of foundational systems. We also provide expert remedial services for areas of your property that have suffered due to issues with foundations. Our expert tradespeople can deal with cracked and sinking walls and floors on a variety of property types.

‘Jacking and packing’ refers to the process that we use to reset and level internal walls and floors that have moved due to timber and clay shrinkage following a building’s construction. These problems usually become evident several years after the building is finished, and we are experts in resolving these issues through this process of ‘jacking and packing’.

Our specialists utilise the most up-to-date methods and products as approved by the current Australian building code, including a commercial-quality PVC packing system. Using this approved system, our experts can quickly and effectively remedy a wide range of issues and provide lasting high-quality results that are covered by our own in-house guarantee.

If you are experiencing any issues with the internal walls and floors in your property, you are certain to benefit from our highly specialised services.

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