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Bored Pier Services

Professional bored piers in Melbourne

In instances where founding capacities may be an issue such as on new building sites with problem soils, ‘bored piers’ offer a viable solution. These instances may include engineer designed pier and beam footing systems, deep founding of stumping systems, and other such situations.

With our highly specialised boring rigs, we can provide the versatility required where space is at a premium or access may be restricted, such as in residential areas. Our equipment has been designed and purpose-built to reach sites with an entrance width as narrow as 700mm and heights of 3.5 metres. Boring capacities range from diameters of 200 – 1200mm, and our hole belling tools and tungsten core rock drills can reach depths of up to 9 metres.

Our bored piers are ideal for many applications, including:

  • Domestic, commercial, and industrial sites
  • Over easements
  • Telecommunication tower foundations
  • Surveillance camera pole foundations
  • Various footings, including cemetery and signage applications

When you need professional bored piers in the Melbourne area, you need the services of the expert team here at Techniblock Pty Ltd. We have invested in the latest equipment and skilled team to ensure that our clients receive the most expert and cost-effective products and services our industry has to offer.

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