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House Restumping in Melbourne

Your home may have been stumped originally with timber because it’s a cost-effective and easy-to-work-with material. However, if your timber stumps are wearing out and you’re interested in house restumping for your home in Melbourne, contact Techniblock Pty Ltd. We’re ready and able to help you restump your home with concrete.
Choose a Safe, Durable Material

Timber is inexpensive upfront, but time, moisture and insect activity can easily damage it. Keep your home safe by using concrete for your home’s stumps. If you need to replace your timber with concrete, make sure you call Techniblock for professional help.

Concrete doesn’t require much, if any, maintenance, and it won’t be damaged as easily by factors like extreme temperatures. Additionally, concrete comes in all sorts of colours and shapes. Other benefits include:

  • Stability.
  • Concrete stumps are more stable than timber stumps and spread the weight of the floors more effectively.
  • Insect resistance.
  • Termites and other pests won’t be able to burrow into the concrete like they would with timber stumps.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Extremely high temperatures can make wood dry out, causing it to lose its strength. Additionally, humidity, rain and snowmelt can all damage timber. Excess moisture can cause the timber stumps to warp, decay or rot.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Unlike timber stumps, concrete stumps are non-combustible, making them safer for your home.

Choose concrete for its effectiveness and durability. After you restump your home, you shouldn’t have to do much maintenance to have your stumps last for many years to come.

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Rely on Techniblock and our expert team. We only use the best materials, and our work is backed by a 10-year workmanship and products warranty. Count on us to deliver great work with a minimum of inconvenience to you and your household.

If you’re interested in restumping services in Melbourne, call us on 03 9720 7700 or fill out the contact form on the right-hand side of this page.