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In instances where existing founding has been affected by nearby large trees, drains, site cuts, filled sites or a host of other possible factors, micropiling offers a highly effective remedial solution. With single support capacities that are engineer-rated at up to 11 tonnes, this method is also ideal where the support of large structures is involved.

Through the use of steel reinforced concrete columns that are sealed in concrete, micropiling underpinning has been recognised as a cost-effective and highly successful structural support solution. It typically requires founding depths of between 2 to 10 metres below ground level. 

We have the highly specialised equipment and skilled underpinning technicians that are required for this crucial foundational work. Our purpose-built plant has been specifically designed to access areas where space is at a premium, and our operatives have already carried out numerous successful micropiling projects all across the Melbourne area.

Contact our expert team today to learn more about our micropiling underpinning services or download the PDF for more details.

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