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Screw Piling Services

High-quality Screw Piles and Foundation Services in Melbourne

Steel screw piles are an ideal option for both domestic and commercial applications, and they are both quick and fairly easy to install. Among the main advantages of this system is the lack of soil disruption and minimal spoil removal from the site, both of which boil down to savings in cost and time.

Fabricated from 350 to 400-grade steel, the screw pile shafts have either a single or multiple helix plate welded at their base with an attack bit attached for ease of soil penetration. These innovatively designed foundation supports are ideal in situations where conventional bore holes may suffer collapse due to sandy or fine soils and ground water issues.

The applications for screw pile include:

  • Replacement of blinding concrete
  • Cost-effective option to bored piers
  • Ideal in the replacement of concrete pads and stumps for timber floors
  • Underpinning new or existing structures
  • Useful in eco-sensitive sites

Here at Techniblock Pty Ltd, we have all the necessary expertise and equipment required to install our high-quality screw piles in a wide range of environments both residential and commercial. All of our screw pile installations are covered by our 10-year warranty for both workmanship and product performance.

Call the screw pile team with the know-how that you need to get the job done on 03 9720 7700.