Underpinning Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s leading underpinning company and have underpinned more houses and commercial buildings than any other underpinning contractor. Having been around since 1989, we have restored and repaired all styles and types of buildings.

From your heritage buildings with Edwardian, Victorian or Art Deco features, to solid brick houses of the 1930’s-40’s and to the typical three bedroom brick veneers. Having restored all types of buildings we know the inherent weakness’s and problems and know the right repair solution.

So if your house is experiencing a level of distress and not sure what is happening then  by all means contact Techniblock. As Melbourne’s premier foundation repair company we are happy to assist.

How Do You Know You Need Underpinning?

Tell tale signs that your house is experiencing distress:

  • Stepped cracks in brick walls.
  • Horizontal cracks in the mortar.
  • An external corner of the house looks to be sinking with the mortar lines running downward.
  • The brick wall is bowing and this is becoming more obvious.
  • Bricks sills are not level or the brick work around the window appears out of square.
  • The external doors are sticking.
  • The caulk filled articulated joint is widening at the top and the caulking is stretching.
  • Bricks are becoming loose and misaligned.
  • A gap has appeared at the top of the junction between the window frame and the brick reveal.

You come to the conclusion that your primary asset, your house, is moving and sinking. What do you do?

How Does Underpinning Help?

The simple answer is foundation repair and the only proper way is to strengthen your existing footings by underpinning them with deeper concrete footings. As the leading foundation repair specialist, Techniblock is only to happy to assist you.

Our Underpinning Consultant will assess your situation, decide on the best course of action appropriate to the level of distress and provide you with a free quotation for foundation restoration works.

Techniblock offers:

  • Over thirty (30) years experience in the foundation repair business.
  • A support team to work with you through the course of the job from beginning to the end with a strong focus on client satisfaction.
  • A full comprehensive understanding of your situation and what you are experiencing.
  • The technical knowledge and experience to provide a range of solutions to address your problems.
  • These being,
    –   conventional underpins for depths up to 2100mm below ground level.
    –   micropile underpins for greater depth particularly where trees are impacting the house and soil conditions.
    –   screwpile underpins which suit wet or sandy soils.
    –   bridging beams to act as structural infills between underpin heads.
  • A network of Structural Engineers and Geotech Engineers and other investigative bodies who support Techniblock through the course of a job.
  • Techniblock is registered for  both commercial and domestic building works (Limited).
  • Assistance with Permits including the Building Permit.
  • We provide all necessary and pertinent Insurances to undertake our works on a daily basis.
  • A ten warranty period on labour and materials.
  • Full adherence to the VBA and its requirements.
  • Naturally Techniblock is a proud Member of the MBA and HIA.
  • We also offer other services for new works such as screwpiles, bored piers and bulk excavation for lifts and basements.

Call us now on 03 9720 7700 or use the enquiry form, for an assessment of your property.