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For most Australians, their homes represent the biggest single dollar investment that they are likely to make during their lifetimes. It follows that most astute property owners will want to take care of this sizable and most often personal investment in any way that they are able.
Why would my property require underpinning?

While all property requires some kind of regular maintenance, the foundations of your home are arguably one of the most important factors appertaining to its structural integrity and long life. The ravages of the Australian climate and the passing of time will all take their toll on a property, no matter how well it has been constructed.

Long periods of drought, such as the one that affected Melbourne for 13 years, had far-reaching effects on the area’s geology in the form of ground shrinkage, and much of the resultant property damage still remains evident. Cracked walls, subsiding floors, and poorly fitting windows and doors are all sure signs that something is amiss with the foundational construction of a property.

Some of the many and varied reasons why your property may require underpinning, including:

    • The effects of a long-term drought upon your property
    • Lack of regular maintenance in buildings, especially older ones
    • When doors and windows no longer function correctly
    • The appearance of cracks on brick walls and/or gaps around doorways, windows, and other openings
    • Uneven gaps below doors and gates
    • Unevenness and/or gaps in floors
        The drying effect of large tree roots, underground voiding through flooding, and many other factors can all affect the stability of a building’s foundations.

Here at Techniblock Pty Ltd, we provide a wide range of underpinning services for a diverse number of property types, and once the nature of any issue has been determined, we can carry out a detailed survey to ascertain your best, most cost-effective option.

With 26 years of structural and foundational industry experience all across the Melbourne area behind us, you can rest assured that we can provide efficient and lasting solutions.

Professional underpinning services

Our professional services are crucial to the integrity of your property, and they will ensure that your walls, floors, and other critical structures remain solid. All of our work is carried out by skilled tradespeople, and we are more than prepared to back our claims with an unconditional 10-year warranty on both our workmanship and materials.

We are fully licensed by the Building Commission of Victoria to carry out our services, and we are members of both of the Housing Industrial Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA). Both of these provide great support and reassurance for us as tradespeople and also for you, the client.

Due to the seriousness of underpinning works and their structural importance, a building permit is mandatory in all cases where such works are carried out. Through the acquisition of permits for such works, you are assured that they have been carried out legally. You will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that everything has been inspected and approved by an independent building surveyor.

We aim to provide 100% satisfaction in all aspects of the services we provide, and we have not only met our customers’ expectations, but we have consistently exceeded them.

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